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Why CAPTCHA you ask? The answer is simple really, the world is not a perfect place. In fact there are those who would make my job much harder by relentlessly spamming this blog and other web applications I've created and implemented here. CAPTCHA is a simple yet affective way to block spammers and help keep a web site secure. CAPTCHA gets a bad wrap, but because of its simplicity it gets the job done without the webmaster dealing with endless .htaccess files and nearly a full time job to blocking new spam that comes in.

This website in the future will hopefully uses what is called reCAPTCHA. Although I have developed a CAPTCHA of my own, the reCAPTCHA helps with the digitizing and preservation of books. So before you bitch and complain, consider that you are helping with a massive project that will ultimately help the entire world.

Learn more at:

Posted in Personal on Friday August 01 2008

Migdal Bavel

Migdal Bavel

The echoes of the Seraph and their cries.
What is now left but a dream of glory past?
Denied, we leave it in the ruin of hope. They are
the eternal; a solidarity who's past is known. But when one
looks, they see the halls, decaying yet brilliant. They circle the
sphere during an endless summers eve, as they cling to the abyss above. But
further up, you should see there is the truth. It is the unyielding will of those who
still stand. It is their destiny to fight the Seraph, their wailing cries still call out. Their
battle stirs the dust and shakes the foundation; undying still bury rotting flesh into stone.

The tears of blood are a stain at the precipice, a guiding light who's edges are torn, sent asunder to the foundation.

The sphere levels off; so do the men who guard its breach. They still call out to
each other, not losing sight of their targets. He stands above, watching,
waiting. It is a cruel fate as the streaming lights come down.
It comes as if a glimmer on the platform:
“Ye shall all be as gods”.

It is at that moment we believe and so too fall into the battle:

Posted in Personal on Thursday July 31 2008

Meet your future girlfriend...

Meet your future girlfriend...

Say hello to the newest innovation in female replacement technology, the robotic girlfriend! I might be easily entertained, but this is freaking sweet! Men you finally have an answer for when your girlfriend(s) starts acting up.

At first I was pretty disturbed by this, but then thought of the wonderful heritage it is the result of. Sega, the creator of two great game consoles and the cherished home of Sonic the Hedgehog (well, before its recent and rampant destruction caused by Sonic Teams incompetence); it doesn't surprise me they would come up with this. I think the coolest part is that it will hand out business cards. That would be great fun and an excellent conversation starter!

Posted in Personal on Monday June 16 2008

The Pythagoreans

The Pythagoreans

The Pythagoreans believed that "all is number". That is to say that everything can be expressed as a ratio. This is where the magical "golden ratio" came from. Well when the concept of irrational numbers was presented to them, Pythagoras was pissed and understandably so! They had basically made a religion out of "all is number" worshiping the beautiful ratios created by rational numbers and their integer friends.

The story goes that when one of the Pythagoreans discovered that the square root of 2 could not be expressed as a rational number, Pythagoras and others conspired to kill the man. He was tossed off the boat one dusty summers eve, and that was the end of him, but not the irrational numbers. Eventually the Pythagoreans had to igmit their existance, which was the beginning of the end for them and their religion.

A professor of mine once suggested that there should be a "math hormone". People then would be sneaking in at night to see the next days problem. One could only wish for such a marvelous thing. Probably the most famous of theorems that came from the time of Greece, and aptly named, was the Pythagorean Theorem. A simple proof of this startling fact can be done both rigorously and visually as shown here. In Number Theory equations of this form are called "Diophantine". This is an entirely different story though! How many integer/rational solutions do you think this equation has?

Posted in Personal on Saturday May 31 2008

Cheese with more cheese

Cheese with more cheese

So I have lots of cheese. In fact three different flavors in my fridge right now. It seems every time a person enjoys something there is always someone behind them to say it is bad (something about a heart attack...). To that person: BITE ME!

It has been a while though. Since my last post I have graduated from college, joined an online dating service and built a content management system for my church web page! Next on my to do list is to finish off this website and then build a web site for my WoW guild Virtual Commune (yes I have been known to geek out from time to time).

Other then that all is good. I have been working, playing and enjoying life. Happy everything is done!

And now for "When Kara takes so long you miss dancing with the stars" we have:



The throw!

Posted in Personal on Thursday May 22 2008
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